PM Abiy Extends Best Wishes on Maulid Celebration

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has extended best wishes to Ethiopian Muslim on the celebration of the 1496th birthday of Prophet Mohammed (Maulid an-Nabi).

In his best wish message today, the Premier stated that “During the festival of Maulid an-Nabi we have to recall compassions rendered by human beings to other human beings.”

Mawlid is a festival celebrated by remembering the blessings that Allah has bestowed on the world through the Prophet Muhammad, the prime minister said, adding that “this is the time the values of Mawlid are desperately needed in Ethiopia.”

Noting that all deeds done by Prophet Mohammed will enable human beings become free and guide them to a better life, PM Abiy said “We remember the prophet on this day for his good deeds he rendered to humanity as a messenger of Allah.”

The current situation in Ethiopia desperately demands such good deeds enormously, he said adding that “the country needs a sacrifice to free its people, to support and rehabilitate those who have been displaced.”

The key to overcoming the existing challenge facing Ethiopia and to reach the milestone that the country aspires for prosperity is through the delivery of good public services by sacrificing everything.

He stressed the need to end the war within a short period of time, holding inclusive dialogues among all pertinent actors of the country, making macro and micro-economic decisions with a view to addressing existing economic challenges.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency