PM Abiy Congratulates Southwest Ethiopia for Joining Federation as Eleventh Region

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has extended his congratulatory message upon the establishment of the Southwestern Ethiopia Regional State.

“Congratulations to the people of Southwest Ethiopia for exercising your constitutional rights in a peaceful, legal and democratic manner to establish the 11th region,” the premier said.

According to him, this new regional state would be taken as a demonstration for Ethiopia’s far-reaching political right reforms.

“The People of Southwestern Ethiopia have joined the federation as the eleventh region. This is a testament to the journey of reform we have taken in the exercise of political rights,” Abiy said.

Noting that diversity is one of the pillars of unity, the prime minister stated that a  federal system is a system in which the people govern themselves and build their country. “We have demonstrated this in practice,”  he underlined.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency