PM Abiy Announces Successful Accomplishment of 4th Round of Green Legacy in Dire Dawa

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced the successful accomplishment of the 4th round of Grreen Legacy Initiative at a ceremony held in Dire Dawa today.

During the occasion, Prime Minister Abiy said the nation has been able to plant 25 billion tree seedlings over the past four years surpassing the target 20 billion.

The successes accomplished in the Green Legacy Initiative demonstrate the fact that Ethiopians are capable of implementing their plans to realizing national prosperity.

The success registered shows that Ethiopia can realize its big development projects.

Enhanced culture of tree planting ensures the objective of realizing food self-sufficiency as the dams in the country will get permanent rain and protect the fertile soil of the country, he said adding that this in turn will help the nation to restore its real image that had been damaged due to drought and hunger.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency


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