PM Abiy Ahmed Appoints High-Ranking Gov’t Officials

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has appointed eight government officials today.

Accordingly, the following were appointed at various capacities of ministers, governor and advisors.

1. Dr. Alemu Sime: Transport and Logistics Minister

2. Engineer HabtamuTegegn: Mines Minister

3. Dr. Girma Amente: Agriculture Minister

4. Mamo Mihretu: National Bank Governor

5. Alemtsehay Paulos: Head of Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Affairs Minister

6. Deacon Daniel Kibret: Prime Minister’s Social Affairs Advisor with the Rank of Minister

7. Ambassador Taye Atskesilassie: Prime Minister’s Foreign Policy Advisor with the Rank of Minister

8. Meles Alemu: Democracy Building Coordination Center Coordinator with the rank of Minister.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency