Plan Minister Calls on Stakeholders to Reinforce Agricultural Successes for Ethiopia’s Prosperity

Plan and Development Minister Fitsum Asefa stressed the need for bringing everyone’s effort on board to sustain the ongoing effective development activities of the agriculture sector and ensure the growth and prosperity of Ethiopia.

Recall Ethiopia has been making extensive investments in the agricultural sector to catalyze the country’s development and prosperity ambition.

As part of the nation’s effort in the sector, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed opened Agriculture and Science exhibition at the Science Museum in Addis Ababa on 7th May 2023 under the theme “from the lab to the field.”

Thus far, various sections of the society, government officials, students, teachers and others have visited the agriculture and science exhibition at the Science Museum.

The exhibition was also visited by high level federal and regional government officials yesterday, including Finance Minister Ahmed Shede, Planning and Development Minister Fitsum Asefa as well as chief and deputy chief administrator of Sidma and Southwest Ethiopia People regions respectively.

Parallel to the Agriculture and Science exhibition, the officials also opened an exhibition that showcases the achievements of Yelemat Tirufat, (bounty of food in basket), a development campaign, which focuses on food crops and vegetables with high nutritional values in Sidama and the Southwest Ethiopia People’s regions. Yelemat Tirufat exhibition showcased fish, honey; various agricultural products, including fruits and vegetables, spices, and animal products.

Minister of Planning and Development, Fitsum Asefa stated that effective activities are being carried out in spheres of Yelemat Tirufat , wheat production and green development programs.

She also said that together with the growing mechanization of cluster farming, we are witnessing that Ethiopia is on the right track for food self-sufficiency.

Ethiopia has been substituting imports of wheat and the commencement of supplying wheat to the international market is a clear indication of its effectiveness, Fitsum pointed out.

Therefore, everyone should be on board to ensure the growth and prosperity of Ethiopia by sustaining the effective development activities being witnessed in the agricultural sector.

Engineer Negash Wagesho, Deputy Chief Administrator of Southwest Ethiopia People’s region said on his part that the agricultural exhibition is a good demonstration that the agricultural sector can be successful if it is supported by knowledge and technology.

Mentioning the vast agricultural resources in the region, especially coffee, sesame, spices, honey and animal products, he stated that if they are properly developed, they will contribute to the nation’s development.

Chief Administrator of Sidama region, Desta Ledamo said that the development works being carried out in the agricultural sector have given great hope for the development of the country and improvement of the living conditions of the citizens.

As Sidama region has enormous potential resources, he noted that development work will be strengthened towards contributing to national economy beyond the region.

More than 50,000 people have visited the agricultural and science exhibition, according to the Minister of Agriculture, Girma Amente.

The minister added that this agricultural fair has achieved great results in strengthening the agricultural sector adding that the interest and motivation of the visitors was more than expected.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency