Photovoltaic training marks end of Sahay Solar Project’s 2nd phase

AMU along with Sahay Solar Association’s 10-day advanced training on photovoltaic marked the end of 2nd phase of Sahay Solar Project which till date has electrified 17 schools and 26 health centres in erstwhile Gamo Gofa zone. 19 students from Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts, Switzerland, 24 AMU and 2 Jinka University staff members partook in it from 4th to 14th February, 2020, at Main Campus. Click here to see the pictures

This social endeavor was the fruit of unique partnership that involved Sahay Solar Association Africa, AMU, University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland and Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region’s erstwhile Gamo Gofa Zone office which was launched in April 2015.

This concluding training’s team consists of lecturers, Mr Roger Buser of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences & Arts and AMU’s Mr Sodessa Soma, who imparted training through AMU’s Solar Competence Center wherein engineering students learnt to specialize in solar technology and such trainings were held twice a year to familiarize students and staff as they later installed this technology in identified rural areas.

Dr Christof Bucher from Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Domenico Chianese of SUPSI Lugano, Dr Klaus Eisele from University of Applied Sciences & Arts, Switzerland, including Renewable Energy Technology Research Center Director, Mr Zelalem Girma contributed their expertise to build sustainable structure for such periodical training.

The trainees were oriented about general principles, solar components that include inverters, charging controllers, batteries, economics of photovoltaic, system designing, sizing, maintenance, logistics, water pumping system, etc.

And to assess the level of knowledge, all trainees were taken to Tokodambia High School in Kucha Alpha woreda, Gamo Zone for the installation of one of the units. At the end, they took exit exam in which 30 of them passed were given certificate of participation.

He informed such training is now integrated with university’s short-term training program, so hereafter, AMU will be offering training depending upon the need arising from different clientele. AMU’s 2 technical assistants Nigussie Worku and Zeleke Ginto had supported the trainees during practical installation.

It must be noted that for this project, Sahay Solar Association had contributed 60% of total budgetary provision, AMU 10%, SNNPR Administration chipped in with 30% and SUSPI bore internal costs for the supply of technical consultant for advisory and capacity building training at AMU.

It’s learnt that talks are on for 3rd phase which will focus installing water pumping system at South Omo Valley and electrification of high schools in Gamo zone, he added.

Source: Arba Minch University