Peace Agreement Opportune for Togetherness, Durable Peace: Tigrayans

Tigrayans residing in the capital, Addis Ababa noted that the Pretoria peace agreement opens a new chapter for togetherness among Ethiopians and ensures durable peace in the country.

Tigrayans discussed on the signed agreement under the theme “Peace Agreement for our Togetherness and Durable Peace” today.

Participants of the discussion expressed joy and appreciated the government for its commitment to ending the two-year war through a peaceful mechanism.

The peace agreement has averted the death of lives and destruction of property, they said, adding that the agreement has opened a new chapter for a durable peace in the country.

They also commended the practical commitment being demonstrated by the government to resume basic services after the peace agreement.

Noting that preceding government systems that existed in various eras had both good and bad histories, they said past histories should be taken as foundations to draw lessons instead of becoming cause for conflict.

They urged that everyone should stand firm in implementing the agreement to bear the peace dividend.

Moreover, they called on religious leaders to discharge their responsibility of teaching the youth become peace advocate.

Peace State Minister Taye Dendea said on the occasion that Ethiopians have been resolving their problems peacefully by preventing conflicts through consultations.

In this regard, the State Minister pointed out that the peace agreement signed in South Africa has opened a new chapter in Ethiopia’s history in terms of resolving conflicts in a peaceful manner.

The peace agreement is historic and everyone should play its part to benefit from the peace dividend, he added.

The conflict has inflicted various damages, he said, adding the agreement has sparkled hope for a brighter future of the country.

Following the peace agreement the delivery of humanitarian aid has been intensified in war –affected areas in addition to the restoration of various basic services including electric supply, telecom, air transport, banking among others.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency