Peace Agreement Helping to Colorfully Observe Holidays: Speaker of Regional Council

Addis Ababa the Pretoria peace agreement has helped to colorfully observe holidays, Speaker of Amhara Regional State Council, Fantu Tesfaye said

Ethiopian Christmas (Genna) has been celebrated across the nation today with various spiritual and cultural events.

The celebration particularly observed colorfully at Lalibela Rock Hewn Churches, the world heritage site located in Amhara Region in the presence of the faithful, members of the diplomatic community in Ethiopia and tourists.

During the occasion, the Speaker stated the birthday of Christ is a festivity that demonstrated tolerance and equality among all human beings.

The celebration taught human beings about peace and tolerance, she said stressing the need for all citizens to stand in unison for peace.

The Pretoria peace agreement has helped to colorfully observe holidays in the region, the speaker pointed out urging all to play their part to maintain the agreement.

State Minister of Tourism, Selamawit Dawit for her part said efforts have continued to increase the number of foreign and domestic visitors by developing and preserving the tourism destinations of the country, noting that Ethiopia is endowed with various world heritages.

She also mentioned that following the peace agreement, works are underway to help recover Ethiopia’s tourist flow that has been affected due to COVID-19 and the conflict in the north.

The celebration of Genna in Lalibela in the presence of local and foreign tourists, as well as ambassadors of various countries greatly contributes to strengthen the ongoing efforts.

The presence of ambassadors in person at the festivity will also help the ongoing activities to rehabilitate the Lalibela Rock Hewn Churches, she added.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency