Pan-Africanism Mov’t Aims at Ensuring Economic Independence of Continent: African Affairs Researcher

The current Pan-Africanism movement is a struggle being carried out to liberate the continent from economic dependency, a researcher on African affairs at the Atlantic Council, Gebriel Nigatu said.

The researcher, who is also an adviser at the World Bank, stated that the ongoing Pan-Africanism movement aims at ensuring the economic independence of Africa.

It is indicated that Ethiopia is the foundation of Pan-Africanism Movement, the beacon of African freedom and one of the key countries that played role for the realization of a unified continental institution.

Emperor Haile-Selassie of Ethiopia had played a leading role to unite Africa and able to establish the former Organization of African Unity (OAU) by bringing together African countries that had been divided in to the Casablanca and Monrovia groups.

Ethiopia had also played key role in the struggle against colonialism and supported several African countries in various ways for their independence, he said, adding that Ethiopia is still a guardian of Africans that always raises the African flag and never compromise with African interests.

The researcher further noted that fellow Africans have been spreading the Pan-Africanism movement following the footsteps of Ethiopia.

Indicating that the main goal of the Pan-Africanism movement of the 20th century was to achieve political unity and freedom that has relatively been successful particularly in bringing some level of the political independence and self-determination in African countries, however, he said the struggle for economic independence has not yet been realized.

Hence, the goal of the 21st century Pan-Africanism movement should dominantly focus on achieving economic independence, he underscored.

Lauding the fact that Ethiopia has embarked on a new initiative to ensuring the food security of the nation in order to liberate itself from economic dependency; Gebriel noted that there are a number of enabling opportunities in Ethiopia to successfully implement this initiative.

The researcher suggested that beyond taking Pan-Africanism movement as a struggle for political independence, Africans should stand together and need to take the current Pan-Africanism movement as an important instrument to achieve the common goal of economic independence in the continent.

In this regard, he stressed the need to strengthen cooperation and eliminate regional political differences among members of the continent as well as implement the free trade agreement as soon as possible.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency