Livestock key to combatting climate change in Kyrgyzstan

Food systems that include livestock offer unique opportunities in terms of food security, environmental health and climate action. Hundreds of millions of people around the world depend on livestock for their livelihoods, and livestock-based systems are key to helping many producers adapt to the changing climate. Although these systems produce greenhouse gas emissions of their […]

Sudan Situation Report, 14 June 2021

HIGHLIGHTS UN humanitarian agencies have been able to access five isolated enclaves in SPLM-N El Hilu areas in South Kordofan and Blue Nile. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests of Sudan, FAO and WFP call for greater investment in Sudan’s agriculture and humanitarian assistance. Almost 10 million people – more than 21 per cent of […]

Somalia: Joint Market and Supply Chain Update, 06th June, 2021 — 13th June, 2021

Key messages May Bossaso port statistics released this week indicate that livestock export volumes increased by 16% and 2% when compared to last month and same period last year respectively. In the Capital Mogadishu, cooking gas prices slightly decreased compared to last week but is still high. Cross-border trade between Ethiopia/Somalia in Puntland and Somaliland […]

UNHCR Ethiopia Fact Sheet, May 2021

Ethiopia is the third largest refugee-hosting country in Africa, sheltering 806,541 registered refugees and asylum-seekers as of 31 May 2021. The overwhelming majority originate from South Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea and Sudan. UNHCR continues to provide protection and critical services to Eritrean refugees in Mai-Aini and Adi-Harush camps that were temporarily inaccessible at the peak of […]

Labor Market Access in Forced Displacement Contexts

Executive SummaryRefugee populations often lack legal and/or practical access to labor markets. As a result, refugees are excluded from formal, semi-formal or de facto regularized informal work. This pushes them into exploitative and illicit employment…

How African Union members came to share power despite themselves

The African Union (AU) held its first summit in 2002, establishing itself as a new international organisation. It also launched a new vision for African security cooperation.Nearly two decades later, it is worth reflecting on the process that produced …