Over 84 Mn Birr Collected During GERD Bond Sale Week

Addis Ababa Office of the National Council for the Coordination of Public Participation on the Construction of GERD announced that it has managed to collect over 84 million birr in sale of bonds on a fund raising weeklong event dedicated to the 7th Anniversary of the Construction of GERD.

Resources Mobilization Senior Expert at the office, Mekonnen Mengesha, told ENA that the bond sale was carried out throughout the country from March 19 to 26, 2018.

Citizens have been highly involved in donation and the event of auction of bonds as a result of their growing desire to see the completion of the dam, he added.

According to Mekonnen, the project site of the dam has been visited by more than 260,000 people since the construction of the dam started.

Reports of sell from regional states where the bond sale started late have not so far been forwarded, he added.

Out of the 12.4 billion birr pledge made for the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, over 11 billion birr has been collected.

The 7th Anniversary of GERD was celebrated at Guba before two weeks, and the construction of the dam has jumped over 65 percent.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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