Oromia Establishes New Gov’t, Council Re-elects Shemelis as Regional State President

Addis Ababa -Oromia Regional State Council has re-elected Shemelis Abdissa as Chief Administrator of the Regional State.

A new regional government was established today following the 6th General Election held in June across the country.

The former chief administrator was elected at the sixth round first meeting of the regional state held in Aba Geda Hall at Adama.

Commended as a determined and competent leader who has demonstrated his capacity through difficult times, Shemelis will lead the region for the coming five years.

Oromia Regional State Council has also elected Speaker and Deputy Speaker for the council.

Accordingly, Sa’ada Abdurahman and Elias Umatan were elected as Speaker and Deputy Speaker, respectively.

A new cabinet was also formed during the formation of the new regional government.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency