Now is Time for Nile Basin Countries to Foster Basin-wide cooperation: Ministry

Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Ethiopia believes the time is now for the Nile Basin countries to brace for and foster basin-wide cooperation.
The Ministry issued a press release on the Statement of the President of the UN Security Council on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

The Government of Ethiopia notes the statement of the president of the UN Security Council on the matter of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

In an unprecedented manner, the statement is released nine weeks after the open meeting of the UNSC on the GERD, the Ministry said.

“Ethiopia welcomes council members for directing the matter to the African Union led trilateral negotiation. Nonetheless, it is regrettable that the Council pronounces itself over an issue of water right and development that is outside of its mandate,” the press release stated.

According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tunisia’s historic misstep in advancing the Council’s pronouncement undermines its solemn responsibility as a rotating member of the UNSC on an African seat.

Ethiopia commends those Council members that played a part in rectifying breaches against the integrity of the working method of the Council in processing the statement.

Transboundary water resources provide an opportunity for realizing the common good and regional cooperation.

Ethiopia’s stance over the Nile is just and aspires to realize its lawful right and to build amity between peoples of the riparian countries, Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Ethiopia believes the time is now for the Nile Basin countries to brace for and foster basin-wide cooperation, it added.

Ethiopia will not recognize any claim that may be raised on the basis of the presidential statement, it noted.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency


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