Newly Built Electricity Station Improving Power Supply to Adama Industrial Park: EEP

The newly built electricity distribution station in Adama city is improving electric power supply to Adama Industrial Park, according to Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP).

The electricity distribution station built at a cost of over 13.5 million USD in Adama started operation few months ago.

EEP Electric Power Transmission Lines and Distribution Stations Construction Sector CEO, Kibrom Kahsay said the station distributes 250MW of electric power in Adama city.

According to Kibrom, the new electricity distribution station is playing a key role in distributing reliable electricity primarily to industrial parks in Adama.

The station distributes reliable electricity supply to industrial parks and solve power outage challenges, it was indicated.

The total cost of the construction was covered by the government of Ethiopia. The electric power supply of Adama has been greatly improved due to the electricity distribution station, he added.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency

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