New Tigray CEO Calls on Citizens to Extend Support to Solve Current Problems in the Region

Addis Ababa May 11/2021 (ENA) The newly appointed Tigray Interim Administration Chief Executive Officer, Abraham Belay, has called on all citizens to contribute their part in solving the current problems in the region.

In his statement on the current situation in the region, the CEO noted that efforts have been exerted to permanently solve the problems in all spheres.

Revealing the preparedness of the administration to work towards this goal with organizations that have constructive, peaceful and legal alternatives, he urged citizens to fulfill their historic responsibility.

Chief Executive Officer Abraham called on all compatriots and in particular neighboring regions and the people of Eritrea, the Federal Government, members of the diaspora community, scholars, community centers, professional associations, artists, influential institutions and persons, activists, religious figures, the elderly, youth and women organizations, and civil servants as well as those in the private sector to give their whole heart, time and support for the prevalence of peace and justice in Tigray.

He further emphasized the need for strong commitment to carefully recognize and identify the underlying problems and outstanding issues in the region to come up with viable and lasting solutions that could be implemented step by step.

One needs to remain cognizant of the huge challenges and difficulties the interim administration faced over the last several months while focused on  minimizing the humanitarian crisis and also ensuring relative peace and stability in the region, the statement added.

Abraham pointed out that during the campaign on ensuring the rule of law in the region, it was obvious that innocent citizens, young girls and even minors have to sustain unbearable injuries during the sporadic clashes and conflicts.

It is, therefore, incumbent upon all to effectively reverse the situation by taking appropriate and timely measures to minimize the impending catastrophes and dangers the region had to face.


Source: Ethiopian News Agency


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