Netherlands Hails the Ongoing Reform in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa Netherlands hails the ongoing reform in Ethiopia and expressed to provide the necessary support its sustainability, according the countrys Embassy in Ethiopia.

Agricultural and Economic Sector Advisory to the Ambassador Nick Bosmans told ENA that Ethiopia is working on sweeping reforms which could be taken as model to the region and the rest of the world.

The notion of reconciliation, togetherness and unity, which have been advocated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, are crucial for Ethiopia and beyond, according to the Advisor.

Many Dutch investors have been engaged in Ethiopia particularly on horticulture and textile industries despite the recent uncertainties due to unrest in some part of the country.

But now, the country has been taking on comprehensive reform that can be ideal for other countries.

The recent rapprochement between Ethiopia and Eritrea that ended the 20 years deadlock could be taken as the major manifestation, it was stated.

The Advisor urged all Ethiopians to be part of the reform and stand firmed despite some variance in the country.

Netherlands will collaborate with the government, and people of Ethiopia for the sustainability of the ongoing reform.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency