Need for Collaboration of Research Institutes Stressed in Promoting Dev’t, Nat’l Integration

Addis Ababa -Collaboration among research institutes is crucial to promote development, nation building and national integration, Institute of Strategic Affairs Director-General Yohannes said.

Institute of Strategic Affairs organized a half-day workshop comprising of stakeholders today on the role of research institutes to enhance institutional integration and nation building process of Ethiopia.

Speaking at the opening of a half-day workshop this morning, Institute of Strategic Affairs Director-General Yohannes Buayalew said policy research institutes need to work in collaboration to ensure development, peace, democracy and prosperity.

Policy research institutes of the country should also play their part in the effort to avert  internal and external challenges of Ethiopia, he added.

According to him, policy research institutes are crucial in supporting the Government of Ethiopia in conducting knowledge driven researches and providing recommendations on issues of nation building, national consensus, policy development, foreign policy and diplomacy.

Institute of Strategic Affairs researcher, Tesfaye Bezabeh said policy research institutes need to engage in conducting researches that help to create national consensus among parties of divergent interests and ideologies.

He added that the role of policy research institutes is huge in providing policy recommendations, mediating elites of divergent interests, promote exchange of culture and ideas to help communities.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency


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