Nat’l Rehabilitation Program Offers Great Contribution To Former Combatants Through Engaging in Dev’t Activities: TPLF Official

The national rehabilitation program will play great role in allowing former combatants to participate in development activities after disarmament, Getachew Reda, Senior official of TPLF, said.

Following the signing of a peace agreement between the federal government and the TPLF, disarmament is the first step for former TPLF fighters to reintegrate into the society.

He also pointed out that not only disarmament but rehabilitation works should be implemented in a coordinated manner.

Noting that the rehabilitation program plays key role to the national development, Getachew emphasized the importance of strengthening the country’s interest by implementing the program effectively.

He also urged pertinent bodies to exert efforts with strong commitment and maintain the implementation of ongoing peace process.

Source: Ethiopia News agency


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