National Committee Striving for Repatriating Ethiopians Fleeing to Sudan

Addis Ababa  The newly established national committee is working on repatriation and resettlement of Ethiopians who have fled to Sudan during the law enforcement operation in Tigray Regional State.

The Ethiopian Ambassador to Sudan, Yibeltal Aemro, told ENA that the Ethiopian Defense Forces (EDF) has started cracking down on the TPLF junta following its assault against the northern command.

As a result, Ethiopians living in the area had entered Sudan in fear of the war as the operation is close to towns bordering Ethiopia and Sudan.

Many Ethiopians have currently entered Sudan, ambassador Yibeltal pointed out.

Noting that a national committee has been set up under the Ministry of Peace to repatriate Ethiopians who fled to Sudan, the citizens have expressed their interest in returning home, he revealed. 

Thus, a team has been assessing the situation in parts of Tigray and will release information on the crisis shortly, the ambassador said. 

Based on the findings of the field visit, the necessary humanitarian assistance will be provided for those vulnerable communities, he affirmed.

He further said access to humanitarian assistance from development partners and international aid agencies would be also facilitated.

Ambassador Yibeltal stated that the government is working with the Sudanese government and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to repatriate the displaced people to their home.

Indicating that the defiant TPLF is trying to portray the situation as a humanitarian crisis and prevent citizens from returning home, “the government is closely monitoring the situation,” he noted. 

He said the government is working with the Sudanese government to prevent TPLF militants from joining the immigrants and entering Sudan.

The Sudanese government and the international diplomatic community in the country have been given a clear understanding of the law enforcement operation in Tigray Regional State, he stated. 


Source: Ethiopia News Agency