Nation to Celebrate New Year with the Spirit of Unity, Love

Addis Ababa Ethiopia will celebrate New Year with the spirit and dedication to synergy unity and love among each other, Government Communication Affairs Office (GCAO) disclosed.

In a press conference he gave today, GCAO State Minister, Kassahun Gofe said pursuant to the results so far registered on the ongoing reform, the New Year will be celebrated under the theme 'Let Us Unit with Love and Surpass in Forgiveness'.

He added that committees drawn from Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Artists, Media and other stakeholders are undertaking necessary preparations.

Mentioning that 25 percent discount ticket and hotel services are part of incentives for returning Ethiopians in the Diaspora, Kassahun pointed out that an estimated of 25,000 Ethiopians from all sections of the society will be celebrating the event at Millennium Hall.

Speaking of the main objective in organizing the grand event, the State Minister emphasized that it is not about singing and dancing rather radiating the importance of love, unity and togetherness so as to further deepen the ongoing reform.

According to the State Minister, GCAO is closely working in making Eritrean artists and other parts of the society to take part and consolidate the peace deal reached among the two countries.

High government officials, religious leaders, public figures, and renowned artists are expected to convey their message of love and unity on the eve of Ethiopian New Year on September 11, 2018.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency