Nation Earns for the First Time 114 Million USD from Coffee Export


Ethiopia has for the first time earned 114 million US dollars revenues from export of coffee in a month, Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority disclosed.

In a press release the authority sent to ENA, the earnings last Ethiopian month was obtained  from close to 29,000 tons of coffee exported. 

The income will enable the country to significantly support its foreign currency earnings in the export trade, and is an indication of how much it will brighten its future export activities, especially through reforms in the coffee sector, the release added.

According to the press release, the increase in revenues last month cannot be underestimated when compared to the earlier month earnings.

The release noted that the trend shows how much the sector is being stimulated. 

It is to be recalled that the authority generated over 107 million USD the previous Ethiopian month.

Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority Director-General Adugna Debela said the policy reforms that have taken place in the sector have been invaluable and accompanied by sincere efforts by the sender, producer, supplier and sector actors at all levels.



Source: Ethiopia News agency



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