Ministry Urges All to Urgently Act against Illicit Drug and Drug Abuse

Health State Minister Dr. Lia Tadesse called on all parties to urgently act against illicit drug and drug abuse which needs multisectoral approach.

In a keynote address she made at a National Implementation of International Drug Policy Commitments today, Health State Minister Dr. Lia Taddesse said the issue of illicit drug and drug abuse is a global challenge that requires urgent attention as the problems are especially on the rise in Africa, South America, Middle East, and South East Asia.

Illicit drug and drug abuse has a far reaching negative effects on the socio-economic and health of the entire society, she added.

Cooperation and integrated intervention of efforts among stakeholders is essential to withstand the challenge as the issue cannot be addressed by a single sector, the state minister said.

Dr. Lia noted that it is now time to act against illicit drug and drug abuse; and no public or private institution can be exempted from participating in the call to fight and win the war against illicit drug.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Country Representative, Margaret Akullo stressed the need for cooperation among international communities, UN member states, UN system, civil societies and organizations to address the global problem.

No country can address the complex issue of illicit drug and drug abuse, Akullo said UNODC is committed to work together with stakeholders to address the issue of peace, security, development and health posed by illicit drug and drug abuse, she added.

In this regard, UNODC stands ready to continue supporting Ethiopia and stakeholders, including other UN entities, regional organizations and civil societies.

People who use drug need support, the country representative stated, adding that discrimination

and criminalization of them is not the way forward.

Some 40 participants from the federal, regional, international, civil society and non-governmental organizations are attending the three-day workshop.

The workshop is aimed at accelerating the implementation of joint commitments to address and counter the world drug problem at national, regional and international levels.

Source: Ethiopia News agency