Ministry to Establish Ethiopian Diaspora Agency

Addis Ababa Ethiopian Diaspora Agency will be established to engage Ethiopians and foreigners of Ethiopian origin in a meaningful participation in the development of their country, Ministry of Foreign Affairs disclosed.

Ministry Spokesperson Meles Alem said Ethiopians in the Diaspora are committed to participate in the development of their country.

An agency will therefore be established to facilitate the good will of the Diaspora.

The Spokesperson recalled that Diaspora Affairs Directorate General existed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to coordinate the efforts of Ethiopians in the Diaspora to take part in the development of their country. There were, nonetheless, some in Diaspora who complained about the bureaucratic red tape that hampered their contribution, Meles added.

The new agency is expected to address such complaints and create conducive situation that helps Ethiopians residing overseas contribute to the development of the country and benefit themselves.

According to him, Ethiopian Diaspora Agency will work to ensure the protection of the rights and dignity of Ethiopians in the Diaspora.

Meles stated that the Ethiopian government has gained a lot of experience from other countries that utilize the opportunities gained from their citizens in the Diaspora.

In this regard, Mexico, India and China, to mention but a few, give due attention to the affairs of their citizens in foreign lands and follow up the participation of the Diaspora.

Ethiopian Diaspora Agency will be accountable to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and manage its own budget and financial activities.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency