Ministry to Build 50 Boarding Schools

Ministry of Education announced that it has prepared a project that would enable it to build 50 up to standard boarding schools across the country.

The ministry has been holding discussions with the Ethiopian Architects Association which has  expressed willingness to design the boarding schools freely, it was learned.

In his video message, Education  Minister Professor Birhanu Nega revealed that out of the 48,000 schools in the country only 0.01 percent are up to standard.

In total, only six of the schools are level 4, he added.

Thus the country needs new up to the standard schools that nurture the physical and mental development of students.

The boarding school project is aimed at significantly increasing the standard of schools, according to the professor.

The minster thanked the Ethiopian Architects Association for volunteering to do the design work of the schools, and also expressed gratitude to engineers who have shown interest in participating in the national project.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency

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