Ministry Tests Drones for Blood, Medicaments Supply

Addis Ababa The Ministry of Health has tested drones for delivering blood, and basic medical supplies to health centers in remote areas for the first time.

The drones could carry about 5 kilograms of medical supplies and can travel a distance of 300 kilometers at a limit of 5,000 meters high, according to the Ministry of Health.

The tested drones could be able to transport blood, medicines and vaccines under any climatic conditions, it was learned.

It was indicated that the test was undertaken by Ministry of Health in collaboration with Ministry of Science and Technology.

In October 2016, Zipline, a combination high tech startup drone manufacturer, logistics service provider, and public healthcare system consultant, began using drones to deliver medical supplies to health clinics in Rwanda.

The technology helps doctors and nurses in outback areas of Rwanda to order blood and emergency medicine via a text message.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency