Ministry Preparing to Receive Tourists for Cultural, Religious Festivities

Addis Ababa Ministry of Culture and Tourism is preparing to receive Ethiopians in the Diaspora, visitors from neighboring Eritrea and other tourists who would pay visits to the country.

At a press conference she held yesterday, Culture and Tourism Minister Foziya Amin said neighboring Eritreans and Ethiopians in the Diaspora will celebrate cultural and religious festivities starting from mid August up to the end of September.

The Minister stated that her office will discuss with Eritrean academicians on jointly working to enhance people-to-people ties and unity by hosting various cultural and religious festivities.

From next Friday onwards we will discuss with Eritrean academicians on hosting cultural and religious events and symposiums in which some one thousand participants will take part to enhance our cultural and religious values for cooperation and unity between the countries.

Regarding the activities underway to host Ethiopians in the Diaspora and tourists from neighboring Eritrea, Foziya urged all Ethiopians and tourism stakeholders to humbly welcome visitors and deliver proper services.

The Ministry will work to expand current discount for Ethiopians abroad further from the capital to regions, adding that many cultural, religious and New Year festivities are to be celebrated in regions, Foziya added.

The Ministry is conducting reforms to register and develop heritage resources across the nation and involve the youth in enhancing cultural values and tourism development, according to Foziya.

Many from private organizations are asking to engage in tourism sector following peace and rapprochement between Ethiopia and Eritrea, she added.

Cultural events values that could help to resolve domestic conflicts would be staged as a means of taking advantages from our tourist resources tourism, she said.

This year over 934, 000 tourists visited Ethiopia and collected over 3.5 Billion USD.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency