Ministry Introduces Traditional Ethiopian Dance to Diplomatic Corps

Addis Ababa Ambassadors of different countries to Ethiopia and various diplomatic corps have attended cultural music, dances and fashion shows on Saturday at National Theater.

The show, which was colorfully staged in the event organized by Ministry of Culture and Tourism, hopes to capture and portray diverse cultural heritages, traditional music and fashion from country's nations, nationalities and peoples.

In an interview with ENA, Greek Ambassador to Ethiopia Nikolas Patakias said Ethiopian culture and that cultural music and dances are very close to the heart of the people as well as the rhythm.

We Greeks appreciate the culture of Ethiopia because we are brothers with Ethiopians that Ethiopia and Greek are the famous countries with their long history, cradle of early civilization and appreciated culture, he pointed out.

Mentioning that both, Ethiopia and Greek have long standing relationships, Patakias added that the two countries have never been colonized.

We encourage The Ethiopian National Theater to participate in Art Forum on October 1st 2018 held in Athens at Boutique Theater, the place where Socrates lived, fought and scarify himself for his idea, democracy and universal ideas, he said.

Stating that his country has invited the Ethiopian National Theater to participate in Art Forum in October, the ambassador said this will create a door to strengthen bilateral relation between the two countries.

Culture and Tourism Minister Foziya Amin said Ethiopia has now witnessed peace and stability which will create conducive environment for promoting and developing the tourism sector.

Ethiopia is now undertaking various reforms and countries and the diplomatic communities are cooperating and strengthened cultural shows of this kind will be vital to further foster Ethiopia's diplomatic relations with the international community, she added.

Foreign Affairs State Minister BirtukanAzano called upon Ambassadors and the diplomatic community to further consolidate diplomatic relations as well as promote Ethiopian culture.

Mentioning that the country is undertaking extensive economic and political reforms, State Minister Birtukan noted Ethiopia is working to boost the tourism sector and making Ethiopia among the world's tourist destination

Ethiopia has more than nine cultural and historical heritages inscribed by UNESCO that can boost economy if exploited effectively.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency