Minister of Peace Holds Talks with US Ambassador, USAID Ethiopia Mission Director

Minister of Peace Muferihat Kamil has held talks with US Ambassador to Ethiopia Geeta Pasi and USAID Ethiopia Mission Director Sean Jones regarding stepping up and expanding humanitarian aid.
The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss and strategize on ways to ensure that immediate aid reaches people affected by the destructive actions of the TPLF terror group and to outline ways on how to rehabilitate internally displaced people that have fled violence caused by TPLF.

The Minister has reiterated that efforts on the government’s side to ensure that displaced people have access to temporary shelters and other necessary support will continue in a strengthened manner.

She also underlined that the role humanitarian partners will play in this regard is vital.

Ambassador Pasi on her part has said that she is closely following the efforts by the Ethiopian government and has forwarded her assurances that the her government and the people of the US will continue to further cement the strong ties with Ethiopia.

She underscored that the US will continue to provide humanitarian aid support, according to Peace Ministry.

USAID Ethiopia Mission Director Sean Jones said USAID is contributing its share in providing support in the efforts to provide aid relief in different parts of Afar and Amhara regions.

Muferihat is now in Bahir Dar to review the performance of the National Emergency Response Coordination Center.

The Minister will  be holding talks with the United Nations agencies and other international humanitarian organizations on issues regarding the provision of immediate assistance and rehabilitation of displaced persons in Amhara and Afar Regions in Bahir Dar.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency


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