Members of Diaspora from Beirut Come with Support to IDPS, Vow to Continue Assistance

Members of the Ethiopian Diaspora who came to Ethiopia in response to the Great Ethiopian Homecoming Challenge Initiative from Lebanon have expressed their determination to contribute to their share in rehabilitating internally displaced people (IDPs) and victims of TPLF.

Speaking to ENA, Hana Megerssa and Tigist Aragaw revealed that they have brought with them  730 kilograms of cloth mobilized from the diaspora in Lebanon to be distributed to the displaced at Sekota Special Zone in Amhara region.

Hana said, “I have been coordinating Ethiopians in Lebanon to fight against those who try to destabilize Ethiopia and to provide support for fellow Ethiopians.”

According to her, the engagement of the Ethiopian Diaspora in Beirut, Lebanon, is encouraging.

The support to rehabilitate victims affected by the terrorist TPLF will be strengthened, she further stated.

The other diaspora from Lebanon, Tigist noted that the participation and courage of Ethiopians  in taking part in political and economic issues of the country is overwhelming.

The Ethiopian community in Beirut has been actively engaged in the fight against external pressures on Ethiopia and in rehabilitation activities being undertaken at present, she added.

“I came here responding to the national call of our prime minister, mainly to fulfill my responsibility as a citizen and to show my solidarity to my country and the people.”

Tigist said that she will visit areas destroyed by the terrorist TPLF to see the reality on the ground and continue providing assistance to IDPs and other victims by mobilizing the diaspora  in Lebanon.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency

Digiqole Ad