Media Reports Ethiopia Is Shutting Schools for War Far from the Truth: GCS State Minister

The reports of some international media that Ethiopia is going to close secondary schools for one week to support the ongoing war in the country is far from the truth, according to Government Communication Service (GCS).


Briefing journalists today, GCS State Minister Selamawit Kassa said the reports that secondary schools in Ethiopia are going to be closed for war purposes exposes the ignorance of the foreign media.


The way the international media outlets are reporting such issues is out of context and shows that they have shallow understanding of Ethiopian values and culture, she noted.


To be specific, the state minster said the purpose of the closure of secondary schools for a week is to allow students help in harvesting crops of their families and Ethiopians at the war front.


Such temporary closure of schools during crop harvesting seasons is not a new phenomenon at the country side, rather it has been practiced for many years, Selamawit elaborated.


She further pointed out that the international media have to know the fact that temporary closure of schools to allow students provide voluntary service in harvesting crops of the elderly as well as persons who need help is among the social values of Ethiopians.


The state minister also revealed that the effort of 1 million Ethiopian Diaspora to come to their country of origin is commendable and important to demonstrate to the international community the reality on ground and the true nature of Ethiopia.


Preparations are well underway by the Government of Ethiopia and stakeholders to receive the diaspora, she stated, adding that 1 million Ethiopian Diaspora are expected to come home till the first week of the new year.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency


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