Many Armed Individuals Surrendering to Security Forces in Metekel Zone

Addis Ababa  Several armed groups have been surrendering peacefully to security forces in Metekel Zone of Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State, the joint task force disclosed.


The joint task force announced that many armed forces are surrendering to the security forces in the zone.


Lieutenant General Asrat Denero, who is in charge of the law enforcement and security sector, recalled that the destructive group killed citizens, looted and burnt properties, and committed atrocities in Bulen and Bekoji woredas of Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State.


He added that strong campaign has been underway to restore law and order in the area where many are surrendering to security forces.


Civilians who fled their homes following earlier attacks are also returning to their homes, according to Lieutenant General Asrat Denero.


Since the command post has taken control of the area, the inhabitants have been returning to their homes as stability was established in the areas.


Democracy Building Center Coordinator and Command Post Political and Public Dialogue Head, Tesfaye Beljige said the hunting down of militant group has continued.


Legal and political measures are being taken against officials suspected of leading and coordinating the attacks as well negligence.


The destructive group has caused misery and atrocities on various sections of the community, including the Gumuz communities that did not accept the group’s objectives, he pointed out.


Noting that the problem concerns only the evil forces, he said the task force is actively working in collaboration with the local community to find a lasting solution.


Furthermore, he underlined that efforts have been intensified to provide humanitarian assistance to the displaced and rehabilitate them.


Public discussions will be held in the process to ensure peace and rule of law, it was learned.


A national task force established by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is undertaking security enforcement operations in the Metekel Zone of Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State, following the killing of some 207 innocent people in Metekel Zone last week.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency


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