Leadership Academy Preparing Curriculum on Democratic Developmental State

Addis Ababa,The Meles Zenawi Leadership Academy announced that it is preparing a curriculum that would enable it provide regular education on democratic developmental state to improve knowledge of government officials.

While addressing the 1st national conference on democratic developmental state and leadership held in Addis Ababa on Saturday, Academy Vice President Aster Mamo said the curriculum is part of the academy's efforts to ascertain the hegemony of the country's governance system.

Established in 2006, the Meles Zenawi Leadership Academy has the objective of realizing the sustainability of the Ethiopia's journey towards renaissance.

To realize this, the academy has been providing short and long term training to higher officials of federal and regional government.

Through the trainings, the academy has been contributing share in the national efforts being exerted to improve knowledge and capacity of officials, Aster said.

To further enhance its role, the academy is preparing a curriculum that would enable it to build capacity of officials in an integrated manner.

According to Aster, this would help to assert the hegemony of the country's governance system, which is democratic developmental state.

The academy is also working to identify gaps in attitude, skill and knowledge through research to realize the target, she added.

Noting that the concept of democratic developmental state has been improving from time to time among the public, Researcher at Ethiopian Development Research Institute Dr. Alebel Bayeru emphasized the need to work hard to further improve knowledge of officials and the public.

Noting that countries that follow this system of governance including Ethiopia have been witnessing fundamental changes, he urged the need to further consolidate the gains.

In this regard, the two-day conference is expected to establish a continuing relationship and partnership towards improving knowledge of democratic developmental state and practices in the country.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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