Law Enforcement Operation against Illegal Forces Will be Intensified: Chief Administrators

The law enforcement operation against illegal forces, including the terrorist Shene, will be intensified, Oromia and Amhara Chief Administrators and Members of Prosperity Party Executive Committee Shimels Abdissa and Yilkal Kefale said.

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of Prosperity Party is discussing the current national security issues and the ongoing law enforcement operation.

Participants of the meeting condemned the killing of innocent civilians in various parts of the country.

According to the assessment of the committee, the terrorist groups are carrying out attacks against civilians in a bid to cover up the losses they suffered due to the law enforcement operation.

The executive committee stressed that the law enforcement operation against the groups will continue based on the decision passed by the National Security Council.

Oromia Chief Administrator and Prosperity Party Executive Committee member, Shimelis Abdissa said the attack of the terrorist group on civilians attests to the fact that the terrorist group is enemy of all Ethiopians.

He added that the executive committee, which condemned the recent terrorist attack on civilians in Oromia Region, has passed decision that the security forces strengthen measures taken against the terrorist group.

The chief administrator noted that the collaboration of the public in the measure being taken against the terrorist group is encouraging.

Amhara Region Chief Administrator and Prosperity Party Executive Committee member, Yilkal Kefale on his part said law enforcement measure that addresses the demand of the people all over the country is being carried out in accordance with the direction set by the National Security Council.

Accordingly, law enforcement operation has been taken against many terrorists that threatened peace and security.

However, the terrorist Shene has carried out horrible attacks on civilians in areas where there were no security forces.

The Chief Administrator, who explained that any attack on civilians in every region is the issue of all Ethiopians, urged that in the light of this Ethiopians have to struggle against illegal forces of the nation in unison.

The recent attack of the terrorist Shene group is a plot to make Ethiopians kill one another, he noted.

Yilekal further pointed out that the law enforcement campaign that is launched to ensure peace and security in the country will be consolidated.

The chief administrators in this respect called for the consolidation of the support of the public in the law enforcement campaign.

Oromia State Chief Administrator Shimelis Abdissa underscored that the recent attack of the terrorist group Shene has exposed the fact that the group does not represent any ethnic group and is enemy of all Ethiopians.

In addition to the stiff measure being taken against the terrorist group, the regional government is carrying out activities that pacify citizens living in the attacked communities.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency


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