Kuriftu Resort and Spa Opens Overseas Hotel in Djibouti

Addis Ababa Kuriftu Resort and Spa Djibouti, which will be inaugurated tomorrow in the port city of Djibouti, deepens Ethio-Djibouti tourism development, according to the owner of the hotel.

The Djibouti Kuriftu Resort and Spa built with 2 million USD will be inaugurated in a grand ceremony that will be presided over by President Ismail Omar Guelleh, it was learned.

The owner, Tadiwos Belete, who returned to his homeland from USA after 19 years, turned himself to successful businessman by introducing a typical Ethiopian world class luxury hotel and spa in the heart of the country.

The construction of Djibouti Kuriftu Resort and Spa will give the hospitality venue a boost, particularly to tourists destined for Ethiopia and Djibouti, the founder and CEO of Kuriftu Resort and Spa said.

According to Tadiwos, the hotel will help Ethiopians to showcase national world-class hospitality to tourists coming from all corners of the world, which evidently provide a boost to the wider economy of the region.

I think the Ethiopian Diaspora coming for vacation and the international communities living in Ethiopia as well tourists who come to visit Ethiopia need the blue water, white sands, and sea foods. So, this is the perfect location for all the tourists. Ethiopian tour operators will be very happy when they see this. They can have stopover with Ethiopian or Djiboutian airlines because Djibouti is only 45 minutes flight away from Addis Ababa, the CEO elaborated.

He noted that there are incredible opportunities for both countries to continue working together in extensive arrays in the hospitality sector.

The stylish water-park restaurant has the capacity to accommodate up to 400 people at a time. It has space for about 1000 people for cocktail reception, the owner added.

Tadiwos note that as Africans, we have been receiving so many brands from all over the world. Now we are venturing out of Ethiopia because we want to be an African brand. We want to show the world that an African brand can be as good as or even better than any other brand.

Djibouti National Tourism Office CEO, Ossman Abdi Mohamed said Kuriftu's investment project is the best example that signifies strong cooperation between Ethiopia and Djibouti in the hospitality sector.

Kuriftu's investment in Djibouti can be a harbinger of more to come in the Horn of Africa to further enhance tourism in the region.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency