Kenya Committed to Support Ethiopia’s Reform: President Kenyatta

Addis Ababa Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta affirmed his commitment to give a total support for the ongoing Ethiopian reform under the leadership of Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed.

In his exclusive interview with VOA, President Kenyatta said he is dedicated to work closely with Premier Abiy that would enable him to realize Ethiopia's vision and the entire region as well.

I think what he expects is our support and I have committed to give Kenya's total support. I believe that he has a vision for his country and he has a vision for the region as well. And I intend to work very closely with him to establish that, he said.

Kenyatta also lauded Ethiopian and Eritrean peace agreement that the two countries have reached to end the state of war that remain for more than 20 years.

According to him, the peace agreement of the two countries would help the East African region to focus on economic growth and prosperity.

We are very happy with the situation as we see it the rapprochement of power between Ethiopia and Eritrea. All these works for peace in our region, all these works for stability in our region and for us to be able as a region to focus not on insecurity or wars but rather to focus on economic growth and prosperity of our people, he pointed out.

President Kenyatta further expressed his best wish to Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed to be able to achieve his vision for Ethiopia.

I look forward to working together with Abiy as a partner to be able to achieve that objective. I wish him well. I continue to say I am strongly in support of what he's doing together with his other colleagues in Ethiopia to help achieve this dream for us all.

Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmedi, has paid a two-day state visit geared towards bolstering the existing strong relations between Ethiopia and Kenya last May, 2018.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency