Japan’s Ambassador Lauds Progress of Women Leadership in Ethiopia

Japan’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Ito Takako has praised the progress of women leadership in Ethiopia in various sectors as joining hands and encouraging women in leadership positions is pivotal to create a better world.

The Embassy of Japan has organized a panel discussion on challenges and prospects for women on the occasion of international Women’s Day on Thursday.

Addressing the occasion, Ambassador Takako said “for our better world, it is important to join our hands and encourage women to be in leadership positions in the political, economic, and social among others.”

Because, Takako added once you are in that leadership position, you will see a new and different perspective and you can make a change.

“When women shine, all society shines.” For the Japanese government, gender equality and women empowerment has been of the priorities.

Praising Ethiopia for women empowerment, she said the country has been advancing in terms of social progress which is also evidence by a high number of women as ministers, state ministers as well as a large number of female parliament members.

The ambassador believes that empowering women as leaders in many sectors will help and open a new path to proceed.

March 8 is International Women's Day. Women across the world use this day to come together to celebrate and rally for equal treatment and representation.

Source: Ethiopia News agency


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