Japan Committed to Support Ethiopia’s Reform, Says Ambassador

Addis Ababa The government of Japan is committed to support Ethiopia's political and economic reform, Ambassador Daisuke Matsunanga said.

Japan's Ambassador to Ethiopia, Daisuke Matsunanga told ENA that the political and economic reform in the country has national and regional significance.

According to him, Japan is supporting the domestic reform as this helps in improving relations in the Horn of Africa.

Japan supports Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's political and economic reforms, Matsunanga stated, adding that we definitely support his initiatives to reconcile and improve relations with Ethiopia's neighboring countries, including Eritrea.

He recalled that the leaders of the countries had a special conference on the margins of the Seventh International Conference on African Development (TICAD 7).

The special conference is dedicated to the idea or concept of pursuing peace, stability and security in the Horn of Africa, the ambassador said.

He further pointed out that the Japanese government is encouraging Japanese businesspersons to invest in Ethiopia.

Japanese companies want to cooperate or conventionally partner with Ethiopian emerging entrepreneurs in various areas, Matsunanga stated.

There is unexploited investment opportunity that could attract Japanese investors in the fields of agriculture, information communication technology, tourism and mining, according to the ambassador.

Source: Ethiopia News agency