IT Professionals in Diaspora Urged to Provide Support in Cyber Technology in Ethiopia

Information Network Security Agency (INSA) Director General called on members of the Ethiopian Diaspora who are engaged in the field of Information Technology (IT) to provide the necessary professional support to enhance the nation’s cyber technology.

Members of the Diaspora community engaged in the field of information technology have  visited the head office of Information Network Security Agency (INSA) today.

Speaking at the occasion, INSA Director General, Shumete Gizaw said currently Ethiopia seeks the knowledge, technology and potential skills of its citizens.

In this regard, the Director General stressed the need to work together with IT professionals in the Diaspora.

Shumete has also invited the Diaspora to invest in areas of cyber security.

The Ethiopian Diaspora has been urged to share their experience and technology knowhow to safeguard the interests of Ethiopia in the field of cyber security.

They were also asked to provide support to higher educations in Ethiopia with a view to enhancing human resource in cyber security.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency