Irreechaa Consolidates Unity, Fraternity among Nations, Nationalities in Ethiopia: Participants

Irreechaa has the paramount role in consolidating unity and fraternity between nations and nationalities in Ethiopia, participants of the festival said.

Hundreds of thousands of Oromo people from all corners of the region including different nations and nationalities of Ethiopia gathered together today to celebrate Irreechaa festival at Bishoftu town today.

Since recently, not only Oromo, but also different nations and nationalities in the country are celebrating the event together with their Oromo brothers and sisters.

This in turn has been consolidating linkage among the nations and nationalities thereby strengthening the love, unity and harmony across Ethiopia.

The event has also been plying a great deal of role in creating a platform to further exchange cultural values among the Ethiopians.

One of the partakers of the event Haile Ejersa said Irreecha is symbol of peace and brings Oromo people and other nations and nationalities in the country together.

“It [Irreecha] is source of peace and promotes peace among all community. It also teaches us about the value of peace and how to live in harmony and coexistence with all nations and nationalities in the country,” he stated.

He said “we have to showcase and promotes Irreechaa at the regional and international level as it signifies peace and unity.”

Jamel Hasen, the other participant stated that Irreechaa festival demonstrates the values of peace and love as well as symbolizes the unwavering unity and solidarity among the Oromo people and beyond.

“All Ethiopians regardless of their background need to come together as Irreechaa promotes peace, love and living together so we can create the best Ethiopia that accommodates all Ethiopians,” he stated.

Furthermore, he said that it it the responsibility of all us to promote and preserve the values of Irreechaa and pass the values for the next generations.

“My dream is really to see Ethiopia where all nations and nationalities come together and work for one goal, that goal is to creating the most prosperous Ethiopia,” he underlined.

Other participant Kafene Ambassa said on her part Irreechaa is an ingenious instrument to promoting social cohesion, togetherness and socio- cultural ties among nations and nationalities in the country.

She indicated that this festival not only belongs to the people of Oromo but it belongs to all nations and nationalities of Ethiopia.

Irreechaa festival is a celebration where people get together and perform their prayers and thanksgiving to God.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency

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