Involvement of Competing Parties in Gov’t Creating New Culture of Democracy: TDP Office Head

The appointment of members of competing parties in the new regional governments and city administrations is a good start for the effort in building democracy in Ethiopia, according to Tigray Democratic Party (TDP).


The party appreciated the elected government for involving members of competing parties in leadership as promised since it enables to begin a new political exercise.


Regional states of Ethiopia and city administrations have been forming their respective governments since beginning of this week.


Members of competing political parties are being appointed in the cabinets of the regional governments and city administrations.


In an exclusive interview with ENA, Office Head of Tigray Democratic Party Teshale Negusse appreciated the effort to establish governments in which members of competing parties are included.


According to him, this move by the elected government should be encouraged as it helps to nurture democracy in Ethiopia.


He stated that with the inclusion of members of the competing parties in the leadership of regional states and city administrations is changing the Ethiopian culture of democracy.


The head also expressed his confidence that the country will see more new faces in the new federal government scheduled to be formed on Monday, October 4, 2021.


Teshale also believes that the formation of a new government will help alleviate structural weaknesses and meaningfully adjust the structure.


The new government could sustainably manage its security difficulties by establishing a law-abiding government and strong law enforcement institutions, he noted.


Noting that change is a process, the office head called for better leadership to make the process irreversible.


Furthermore, he said the participation of competing political parties should continue to accelerate the democratic transition.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency