Int’l Donor Organizations Urged to Support Amhara Farmers Affected by Terrorist TPLF

Amhara Regional State Chief Administrator Agegnehu Teshager has called on the international donor organizations to provide support for farmers whose productivity have been hampered by the terrorist TPLF that invaded parts of the region.

During the discussion he held with a delegation from Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)in Bahir Dar today, Agegnehu said the terrorist TPLF has killed innocent citizens, displaced many and looted property by invading five zones in the region.

As a result of the massive looting carried out on farmers by the terrorist group, more than 4 million people are now faced with problems and over half a million people displaced, he revealed.

He explained that the public is exposed to problems as a result of the destruction on schools,  health institutions and other service giving institutions.

According to the chief administrator, farmers are also out of work because of the destruction being perpetrated by the terrorist group.

It is sad that international donor organizations did not give due attention to this inhuman act, he added.

Taking into consideration the severity of the attacks launched by the TPLF group, Agegnew stressed that the international donor organizations should not only extend support to save lives of farmers but also rehabilitate them.

UN FAO Country representative, Fatuma Seid said on her part that the displacement of farmers from their farmland will hugely impact on production and productivity.

She further stated that FAO will respond as quickly as possible following its assessment on the gravity of the situation and discussions with high-level government officials on the ways how to reach the victims.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency

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