Intellectual Property Awareness Far Below Expectations: EIPO

Addis Ababa The Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office (EIPO) said the level of intellectual property awareness among the public and justice system is far below the expectations.

Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office Director-General, Ermias Yemanebirhan said there is acute need to pursue increased knowledge about intellectual property protection, innovation and collaboration in particular, with regard to issues related to its rich culture and geographical specific products such as teff and coffee.

He stressed that the level of intellectual property awareness among the public and justice system is far below the expectations. This, in turn, negatively affects piracy reduction and legal enforcement measures in copyright, patent, trademark and asset infringers.

Consequently, the director-general told participants of the national workshop on intellectual property which opened today, that his office is giving due attention to implementing intensive and successive IP awareness training for lawyers, judge, prosecutors, custom officers and other stakeholders to maximize their capacity to build respect of on intellectual property.

Ermias noted that the two-day workshop will provide a platform for discussion and sharing experiences and ideas that maximize awareness on intellectual property.

Noting that intellectual property is a subject of increasing global importance, he added that it plays crucial role for economic development and socio-cultural well being.

Deputy Attorney General Gedion Timotios stated on his part that unless we build knowledge based economy where the fruit of intellectual labour, innovation and creativity are protected and rewarded, we cannot realize our inspirations for better future.

Gedion expressed his belief that the workshop will create opportunity to reflect on the importance and role of intellectual property in the economic development of the country.

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Global Issues Sector Assistant Director-General, Menelik Alemu underscored that the objective of building respect for intellectual property stance beyond the remedying intellectual property infringement is important.

WIPO Senior Legal Counsellor, Building Respect for IP Division, Xavier Vermandele said all the purpose of trademarks, patent right and copyright piracy is to ensure the economic development of the countries.

The workshop on building respect for intellectual property is organized with the collaboration of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The aim of the workshop is to create awareness of the law enforcement officials of Ethiopia about all the mechanisms created to fight intellectual property infringements like trademarks counterfeiting and copyright piracy and other forms of IP infringements.

Source: Ethiopia News agency