Humanitarian Aid Should be Integrated with Dev’t, Says President Mulatu

Addis Ababa President Mulatu Teshome said humanitarian aid should be integrated with developmental works.

He underlined humanitarian aid should be implemented in an integrated manner with developmental works in a way that it could create positive impact.

President Mulatu held talks with the United Arab Emirates Red Crescent Secretary General, Dr. Mohammed Ateeq Al-Falahi this morning at the National Palace.

The discussion between the President and Patron of Ethiopian Red Cross and the Secretary-General focused on ways of implementing the humanitarian support planned to be provided by UAE Red Crescent Society.

The President thanked the Society for the humanitarian support it provides and emphasized on the integrated implementation of humanitarian support that ensure the sustained benefits of the community.

Dr. Mohammed said on his part that he agrees with this point and the Society would work in collaboration with government bodies and the Ethiopian Red Cross Society to implement the various activities in Ethiopia.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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