Human Rights Organizations, Commission Call on Media to Give Due Attention to Rights Violations

Addis Ababa  (ENA) Consortium of Ethiopian Human Rights Organizations and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission have called on the media to give due attention to human rights violation in the country.

A half-day workshop aimed at enhancing collaboration between human rights organizations and media houses was held today.

On the occasion, Ethiopian Human Rights Organizations Consortium Director-General, Mesud Gebeyehu said media houses need to enhance coverage of human rights violations as they can play significant role in ensuring respect for human rights in the country.

Human rights violations are increasing in the country, according to the director-general, who noted that most of the violations cannot be covered and reported by only human rights organizations and civil societies.

The media have to investigate, report and enhance public awareness on issues of human rights, Mesud underscored.

He further stressed the need for enhancing partnership among human rights organizations and the media to work together in areas of human right issues.

Human Rights Monitoring and Protection Senior Advisor at the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, Mesganaw Mulugeta said on his part respect  for human rights is all inclusive and needs multi-sectral approach, engagement and collaboration.

As Ethiopian Human Rights Commission cannot address all human rights violations in the country, the media are expected to support human rights organizations in amplifying and promoting human right issues and violations, he pointed out.

Mesganaw urged the media to work in collaboration with human rights organizations on issues of human right violations by giving coverage and follow up on human rights organizations as well as naming and shaming human rights violators.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency


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