Hotels in Addis Ready to Receive Ethiopian Diasporas

Addis Ababa Star hotels in Addis Ababa have prepared themselves to welcome Ethiopians in the Diaspora that are expected to return home in connection with New Year celebrations.

Ethiopian Diasporas have already started to reach in Addis Ababa to visit their families and celebrate the Ethiopian New Year as well as to see the ongoing change in the country.

Anbessa and Friendship international hotels are among those which finalized their preparation including discounts to host their guests as per their agreement with the government.

Following the request from the government, Anbessa hotel has make up to 30 percent discount for Ethiopians in the Diaspora, Hailemariam Teklehaymanot, Sales and Marketing Director told ENA.

The hotel which has more than 200 rooms from presidential suit to deluxe standard is located in close to Bole International Airport.

Our hotel is always ready as no one can know what time guests would arrive and now when Ethiopians residing in foreign countries come home, we have finalized all the necessary preparation to warmly receive them,

Hailemariam said that the hotel has made the necessary preparation to provide them with quality services.

As the Ethiopian New Year signals the beginning of tourist season in the country many hotels expect many visitors, mainly foreign tourists.

However, this year is expected to be unique as Ethiopians in the Diaspora are expected to come in mass following the sweeping changes in the country.

General Manager of Friendship hotel, Desibelaw Mangesha said they are ready to welcome the Ethiopians and foreigners.

The hotel has plans to make 25 to 40 percent discount.

Recently, Ethiopians living abroad are started coming home and the number is increasing by days. Previously almost 90 percent of our guests were foreigners. The hotel is always ready but now we are making a unique preparation to host our Ethiopian guests and meet their desire for prompt services.

Communications Director for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Gezahagn Abate noted that various activities are being carried out to receive Ethiopians.

We have to be able to promote our country to the rest of the world by maintaining our unity and ascertain our quest for peace and love, he said.

The Horn African nation, which embarked on a journey towards love, forgiveness and unity, planned to celebrate the Ethiopian New Year exceptionally.

A committee has established at a national level to facilitate events during the five epagomenal days in different parts of the country.

Many Ethiopians who have been living in exile, but have been wishing to come back to the country, are now coming home. Renowned Ethiopians, leaders of opposition political parties from abroad including activists and leaders of exiled Ethiopian Orthodox Church synod have already arrived he said.

Many Ethiopians who have been in exile due to political and personal reasons are expected to return home for the New Year celebration accepting the call from Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Many Ethiopians have hoped for the better and incited to visit their country seeing the sweeping reforms and following their meeting with Abiy during his historic visit to the U.S. only to discuss with Ethiopians in the Diaspora.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency