Haramaya University Graduated 239 Doctors

Haramaya University's College of Health and Medical Sciences graduated 239 medical students for the seventh time. According to Dr Yadeta Dessie, the College, established in 1988, has trained and graduated various medical professionals in the past 23 years. Dr Jamal Yousuf, Haramaya University President, addressed the graduates and urged them to take up their civic responsibility by continuing to contribute to the development of the nation in the medical field through community engagement and research. As you graduate today, I urge you to take part in the civic and humanitarian role by taking a serious responsibility for the education and vision of the health sector. Without self-doubt, be sure to build a country for yourself, your family and your people, and the African continent, not only in the circumstances that our country is facilitating but seeking opportunities elsewhere as well. In his message to the graduates, University Board of Trustees Chairman, Dr. Engineer Habtamu Itefa, called on the graduates to be more knowledgeable and to serve their people carefully, recognizing that their level of knowledge is not the beginning of knowledge. The profession you are graduating into is, under the Creator, the epitome of responsibility to sustain human life. So, you can be free of guilt, you need to take care in following careless orders. Be servants of our nation's people: mothers, fathers and children; I ask this of you. Mr Ordin Bedri, Harari National Regional State President, on his part said that the Harari Region will work readily with Haramaya University on its activities in the region. He added that, The University's efforts to support the people of our region and to provide expertise in the health sector in Eastern Ethiopia will be as important as before, and we will continue to support. The candidates received their degrees from Mr. Ordin Bedri's and Dr Engineer Habtamu's hands. The highest rank holder and gold medallist, Dr. Seblenwongel Shewul, said that she is ready to take on the challenges the profession has and serve the community with integrity. She said that students should make their education a priority to achieve their goals. Other graduates also expressed their happiness to have overcome many challenges and finally be graduating today.

Source: HARAMAYA University