Haramaya University College of Health and Medical Sciences has graduated more than 400 students on January 1, 2022 at Harar City.

The graduation was the 24th one since the College’s establishment in 1996.

Dr.Yadeta Dessie (PhD), the College’s Chief Executive Director, presented in the 25 year’s journey of the College citing that it has produced more than 16,000 health experts at different levels through regular, summer and continues education program.

The College at this moment is hosting close to 3,000 students within 17 undergraduate and 25 postgraduate programs where about 800 of them are postgraduate students (masters, specialty and PhD). In addition to the current 25 postgraduate programs, 11 new programs will be launched in the near future.

Dr. Yadeta outlined that the College is extensively engaging in research activities where so far more than 2000 research have been undertaken of which more than 700 were published in different national and international journals. In this line, the College is aspiring to be the center of excellence in child, maternal and adolescent health researchers where the College is able to establish a very cutting edge laboratory which facilitates the attainment of the set goal.

Currently community service is being delivered through Hiwot Fana Comprehensive Specialized Hospital. The hospital is immensely expanding and last year alone it was able establish the biggest Emergency and Critical Care Center called HARME and the freely serving Ambulance Dispatch Center called ME-CCARE.

The Hospital will soon start radiation therapy, which will be the third in the country and the first in Eastern Ethiopia.

Dr. Yadeta presented that the College has set clearly what it dreams to achieve after 25 years when the institution celebrates its 50 years anniversary as to be the world class institution.

The Chief Executive Director also announced that a total of 414 students, with PhD three doctorate, in master’s degree 72, in Specialty 16, and 323 in 1st degree (undergraduate students) has graduated.

Haramaya University Academic Affairs Vice President, Prof. Mengistu Urge, on his part said the University is fulfilling its responsibility to transform Ethiopia to a better level.

Reminding that the former university graduates have done great work in the international arena, Prof. Mengistu conveyed his message that the graduates should continue to do the same.

Prof. Mengistu congratulated the graduates, their family and the Haramaya University community at large and also gave an honor to those who supported the institution in all rounds and make the graduation ceremony so colorful and successful as well.

Dr. Ruth Nigatu Head of the Office of the FDRE Minister of Health and Adviser to the Minister, conveyed her message to the graduates. She said that higher education institutions are playing their part in creating a police force that is accessible to all citizens. Graduates also need to be involved in development and peace, she said.

The guest of honor, Ato Ordin Bedri, president of Harari Regional State, on his part said the graduates have been able to create strong historical, social and cultural ties during their stay in the Region.

The President advised the graduates to be committed in their profession and serve the community with utmost initiation and humanity as well as mark on the monuments that are being built in the country in a manner that ensures a change of mindset, practices, success and effectiveness, perseverance and strength in all fields.

Ato Ordin also thanked the graduates for their contribution during their stay in the Region.

The graduates, on their part, said they are ready to fulfill their responsibilities as citizens.


Source: HARAMAYA University