Haile Gebresilassie Calls on Ethiopians to Stand Alongside New Government

Addis Ababa -The world-renowned Ethiopian athlete Haile Gebresilassie has called on all Ethiopians to strengthen unity and stand alongside the newly elected and soon to be sworn in government.

Haile told ENA that the new government should be filled with competent leaders that have  leadership qualities.

Praising the turnout of voters last June, Haile said the 6th General Election was conducted peacefully and in a manner which shows the commitment of Ethiopians to transform their country.

As the ruling Prosperity Party was declared winner of the election by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, it is going to form a government in early October, 2021.

According to Haile, the new government has a responsibility in transforming the country into a better developed nation in every front.

However, transforming Ethiopia cannot be left to one party, he noted, adding that Ethiopians have to strengthen unity and work hard to transform the nation.

The government on its part has to bring to the fore capable, honest and devoted leaders ready to serve the people at all levels, the athlete stressed.

There are countries which want to see a united and developed Ethiopia, while there are also some foreign forces that do not want to see a prosperous Ethiopia.

But, Haile added that Ethiopians are the ones who can defend their sovereignty and ensure development, not foreign forces. And the nation has already started its journey to prosperity.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency