Green Legacy Initiative Laudable, Says Indonesia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia

Indonesia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Al Busyra Basnur, said Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Initiative is laudable in maintaining and increasing the quality of environment and overcoming all kinds of pollution.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the ambassador stated that “one of the important efforts that we have to do is to increase the quality of our environment and overcome air pollution by planting trees.”

According to him, the Indonesian Embassy in Addis Ababa is also fully aware of the importance of tree planting; and the program of tree planting for the embassy is not only an activity or agenda every rainy season.

He explained that the Embassy invited higher government and non-government officials, academicians, businesspersons and youth leaders almost every month and two months to plant a number of trees.

“So this activity is routine for us. Planting trees is part of the important agenda not for now and this year, but for our future generation…. We have to do something positive to maintain and increase the quality of environment.”

Basnur pointed out that the tree planting is also one of the priority programs for the Government of Indonesia. “I really want friends of Ethiopia and Indonesia, to come together and support this program.”

The ambassador noted that since the start of the Green Legacy initiated in 2019, he saw in many places in Ethiopia that trees are growing fast and the quality of the air also increased significantly.

“I also appreciate the Government of Ethiopia not only because the Green Legacy happened here in Ethiopia, but also in many neighboring countries of Ethiopia. The countries have also started to organize and initiate tree planting programs.”

In recognition of the commencement of the 4th round Green Legacy Initiative, Ambassador Al Busyra Basnur invited guests to join him in planting seedlings on the premises of the Embassy.

Out of the 20 billion tree seedlings Ethiopia plans to plant in four consecutive years, over 18 billion are planted.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency

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