Gov’t to Reinforce Democratization Process: President Mulatu

Addis Ababa Ethiopia will consolidate its ongoing democratic reforms in order to further widen the political space.

Speaking at the joint session of the House of Peoples' Representatives and the House of Federation, President Mulatu Teshome said building a genuine democracy is the top priority of the government this Ethiopian fiscal year.

According to the president, the country was forced to stand at crossroads in the past years due to instability and narrow democratic space.

He stated that the challenges in the last three years required the government to make structural change.

Many public institutions were not functional, civic rights were limited, and press freedom stifled, he noted.

Mentioning the reforms and rectifications introduced in the past months by the EPRDF, the country has opened a new chapter in democracy and good governance.

Mulatu pointed out that democratic measures have been taken under the leadership of Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed, who released political prisoners, encouraged exiled political parties to return home, and promoted press freedom.

Despite these great achievements, there are some confusion regarding democracy, freedom, and the rule of law, he added.

In this regard, lawlessness and mob justice leading to mass displacement and killings have been witnessed during the last couple of months, the president stated.

The government will no more tolerate those violent activities and hooliganism, Mulatu said, adding that measures will be taken to ensure the rule of law and well being of the public.

Furthermore, the government will give priority for the consolidation of unity and coexistence among Ethiopians in the coming years.

The president called on competing parties to pursue peaceful path and be responsible for their political activities.

You have to work for the supremacy of ideas and it is time to depart from counterproductive old political practices, he stressed.

Mulatu also called on the media to play a vital role in the democratization process in the spirit of accountability.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency